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The Birth Date (Natal) Chart For Brittany Nicole Carpenter (Diamond)

The Birth Date (Natal) Chart For Brittany Nicole Carpenter (Diamond)

Brittany Carpenter, the rapper "Diamond" has a very interesting natal (birth) chart. It's a chart of conflicts which leaves a very positive possibility.

Brittany's natal chart information is below. It will show what message the universe (planets and zodiac signs) gave to Brittany Nicole carpenter the day she was born.

Brittany Nicole Carpenter was born on May 20, 1988. Her numerology number is 6. 6's are passionate with strong convictions. These are also traits of Scorpio's and Gemini's. Scorpio and Gemini both play major parts in Brittany's natal chart.

Brittany is a "double signed" person. She has both the energies of a Taurus (May 20, 1988) and a Gemini (May 21, 1988). Brittany's chart is amazing as you see the sun and other planets "bordering" on both signs.

At Brittany's birth, the universe put major success in Brittany's future career life on "hold" (retrograde) until she "tapped into her Pisces". I explain everything below. i will attempt to "speak for the universe" on the birth date of May 20, 1988.

Dual energies of Gemini-May 21, 1988 (energetic, genius, child like, bored easily, fun and attention seeking and rapidly changing, some what of a worrier)

Sun in Taurus-may 20, 1988-focused and moving "head on" (some call this stubbornness)

Jupiter in Taurus Jupiter (expansive) - moving and expanding in a "won't be stopped" manner. 

Moon in Cancer- Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. The moon controls emotions, subconscious, healings, revelations and/or eliminations and Cancer is about family and security

Venus in Cancer-Venus is the sign of finances and emotional relationships.

Planet Venus was also on the border of Gemini and Cancer-finances and emotions-family and security 

Mercury in Gemini and Mercury rules Gemini-Mercury is the communication and travel planet. Brittany will be a person who communicates well (she's a writer and a rapper) and who travels (tours, vacations, ect)

Chiron in Gemini Chiron is the "healer" of the universe. Brittany will have the ability to "heal" situations (possibly being a peace maker).

Planet Venus was also on the border of Gemini and cancer-finances and emotions-family and security 

The sun was also at the border of Gemini and Taurus Brittany would be a person who moves ahead with focus, but her Gemini traits would cause her to loose focus, become bored, over worry, and possibly get in to disputes with others. It appears that the Universe would be trying its best to bless Brittany abundantly, but her Gemini (conflicting) Taurus (staunch) energies would oppose the blessings. 

The true node in astrology is the zodiac sign that the universe encourages you to cultivate in your life time 

True node (north node) Pisces trust more in inspiration (a Higher Presence) and less in worry and criticism (Virgo-south node and Gemini-conflicting twins)-the true node in astrology is the area of life that God (the Universe) wants Brittany to work on. Brittany's true node is "Pisces". Pisces is the zodiac sign of inspiration and "intuitive knowledge (which some call psychic abilities)". It's the ability to trust in a Higher Presence to help us and bless us. The Universe has given Brittany the challenge to temper any worrying traits of her Gemini and her south node (Virgo).

How four retrograde (moving backwards) planets will affect Brittany Carpenter's life 

Whenever a planet appears to be moving backwards it is called a retrograde. Brittany Carpenter (Diamond) has four retrograde planets in her birth date chart. Retrogrades occur to bring a person's attention back to a certain area. Retrogrades also occur to bring justice or karma to a situation. 

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn

Uranus retrograde in Capricorn

Neptune retrograde in Capricorn 

Brittany has 3 planets retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn is the zodiac sign of business. Thus Brittany's career will be "slowed" or "pulled back" from blowing up until she taps into and increases her "Pisces (true node)". 

Planet Uranus is the planet of sudden change. There will be no sudden change in the sign of Capricorn (career) until Brittany taps into her Pisces (true node).

Planet Neptune is the planet of dreams and ideals. This planet is also retrograde in Capricorn (the career sign). Dreams of career success will also be "pulled back (retrograde)" until Brittany taps into her "Pisces" 

Saturn is the planet of karma. Saturn is also retrograde in Capricorn. The karma that must be implemented is Brittany taping into her "Pisces" before anything will move forward for her.

Pluto retrograde in Scorpio and Pluto rules Scorpio-the retrograde of Pluto in Scorpio is amazing and scary. Pluto is the planet of the supernatural (unknown) and Pluto rules the zodiac sign Scorpio. People under the zodiac sign of Scorpio are passionate, sensual, secretive, inquisitive, stormy and erratic. Scorpio's have a great "connection" with the supernatural. It appears that planet Pluto also is limiting (retrograding) Brittany's "psychic" abilities until she "taps into her 'Pisces'". 

Why the universe put planet Mars in Aquarius-Brittany Carpenter's destiny

 Mars in Aquarius-Mars in Aquarius is interesting. It appears that the universe wants to see Brittany aggressively (Mars) moving forward to enlighten (Aquarius) people. This seems to be Brittany's assignment from the universe. Brittany must be able to minimize her traits of Gemini and Virgo (the worrying and the not sticking to projects), and tap into her "Pisces". 

Here's how to tap into your "Pisces".

 Get in touch with a Higher Presence. Find the way that works for you. Don't allow anyone to limit your "getting in touch with the Higher Plane". Brittany's birth date chart indicates that the supernatural is waiting for her to "seek them out". The supernatural can be God, Angels or anyone on the "other side". 

This article can be freely edited and/or utilized as long as credit is given to its Author.

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